Twitch bringing back Bob Ross’ The Joys of Painting every Monday


For the past week, Twitch has been streaming The Joys of Painting, a PBS painting show staring Bob Ross that ran from 1983 to 1994. During that week, more than 5.6 million viewers tuned into the Live-Streaming service to watch the show, with the final episode having more than 183,000 viewers.

So naturally, Twitch will be bringing back the iconic series to it’s Twitch Creative section. Every Monday, Twitch will air a full season of The Joys of Painting from 3PM PT to 9:30PM PT, and will continue to do so through it’s 31 seasons with repeats expected every 7 months. This will change on Oct 29th, Bob Ross’ Birthday, where they will continuously stream every episode in a similar marathon.

Twitch said in a release that it will split the proceeds from Bob Ross’ channel four ways: to the rights holders, Bob Ross Inc. and Janson Media; to Root Division, a San Francisco-based visual arts non-profit organization; to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; and to support the Twitch Creative community.

The event is scheduled to start later today at