The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 1 & 2 Review!

The Walking Dead is one of Telltales most impressive game series with 2 very successful season’s including 1 expansion 400 days and a mini series Michonne and they have just kicked off the third season of the game with The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. The first 2 episodes Ties That Bind – Part I and II, where released on December 20, 2016 with the 3 other episodes Above the Law, Thicker Than Water, and From the Gallows will come out in the coming months.

The Game play is same the as previous game in the series and also most other Telltale game, there is a heavy emphasis choices that you make throughout the game affects the outcome of the game, most of the gameplay is timed sensitive including dialog sequences to combat sequences and also quick time events. in the game there are also consequences for each choices you make such dialog or major choices you make will affect the outcome of the game. In The Walking Dead there is also a heavy emphasis on survival by staying on step ahead of the zombies AKA the Walkers, also having to find supplies such as food and gas. In Season 3 you get to play as a new character Javier “Javi” Garcia, and also series regular Clementine is playable for small flashbacks.

The game also has the ability to connect to the telltale servers to be able to retrieve your choices you made in the previous seasons even if you played the games on a other platform or a last gen system. Telltale’s Crowd play is also supported For Season 3, which gave’s you the ability to have 4-12 players each vote for which dialog option they want and this works by everyone connecting via there phone, tablet or laptop and influence the game and also giving a whole new way to play games.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier story revolves around Javi and his group of survivors made up of his sister in law Kate; the second wife of his brother David, and David’s children Gabe and Mariana. During their travels the group has to stop to find supplies such as food and Gas. Stopping at a Junk yard and encounter a hostile group of people that take Javi hostage and knock him out, when he comes to he is in a truck that crashes and he get taken hostage by Clementine. Clementine and Javi make a deal and work together to avoid Walkers, work together with new survivors and battle a new group of enemies called The New Frontier, a vicious group of survivors whose motives are unclear for now.

Facing off against groups of Walkers and the New Frontier, the survivors also run into Paul Monroe, who fans of both the Comic and TV version of The Walking Dead will recognize as Jesus, who serves as a guide stating that there is a safe haven in Richmond. The survivors work their way to the city only to be stuck in an epic stand-off against more enemies, and meet with the head of the New Frontier.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was another great start of a season of The Walking Dead, Telltale kept the same great look and feel to their characters and environments in the past games in the series. The look of the Characters relay capture the look of people just wanting to survive and to see the next day, With characters such as Clementine, Javi, Kate Tripp, Eleanor and Paul Monroe AKA Jesus just to name a few. The overall Design of environments was great, Telltale continues to implement the look of the post-apocalypses environment within the world to have a gritty feel within areas such as the junk yard, Prescott and the entrance to Richmond where amazing looking. Overall Telltale really capture the look and feel of The Walking Dead again.

My experience so far with The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was very positive with its great gameplay, amazing characters and a solid story that changes from the choices you make within the game. So I am excited to play the next 3 episodes of this season.

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