THE SILENCE FACTORY – High, Dead Heros & Land – New Music Highlight

The Silence Factory is a rock band from Windsor, Ontario, the group was founded in 2015, they have released their first studio album Collection of Thoughts on Jan 26, 2016, the album featured the songs Land and Dead Heroes. on Jan 4 2017 the group released High and also released a official video for the song on Feb 2 2017.

The sound of the song is similar to other rock groups such as Billy talent, the song features good sounding playing style with vocals that just completes the great sounding rock package.

Dead Heroes:
The sound of the song has this great mellow post-grunge sound of the late 90’s and early 2000″s, the song features a soft guitar playing with hauntingly powerful vocals,

The sound of the song is different compared to the bands previous releases, the song still has that great post-grunge vibe, but it also kind of has this great mellow Wolfmother kind sound to some of the sections of it,