The Nintendo Switch gets a summer line-up includes ARMS, Splatoon 2

The running gag of “Zelda is the only thing on the Switch” will be coming to an end this Summer as Nintendo announced the release date of several high profile first and third party games for the Nintendo Switch during a special Nintendo Direct yesterday.

During the Direct, we were given the release date of two of the more highly anticipated Switch titles, the toony multiplayer shooter Splatoon 2 and Nintendo’s quirky motion-controlled fighter, Arms. Arms is set to release on June 16, while Splatoon 2 comes a month later on July 21st.

Other titles shown included Minecraft Switch edition, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Sine Mora X, and Sonic Mania. A list of the Switch titles can be found below:

Puyo Puyo Tetris: April 25 (with a demo out today)
Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition: May 11
Disgaea 5 Complete: May 23 (demo coming soon)
Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers: May 26
Arms: June 16
Splatoon 2: July 21
Fate/Estella: July 25
Sonic Mania: Summer
Sine Mora X: Summer
Project Mekuru (working title): Summer
Namco Museum: Summer

Of course, the Nintendo Direct wasn’t just there for the Switch releases, as several 3DS titles also were announced, including Nintendo’s next original RPG, Ever Oasis, which is set for a June 23rd release. Nintendo also announced 3 Kirby minigames for the Nintendo eShop to celebrate the pink puffball’s 25th anniversary, and we were also given a release date for “Hey! Pikmin” a 2D spin-off of the Pikmin series set for a July 28th release.