The Last Guardian has “Gone Gold. Whuddup”


In a saga that started back in 2007, early in the release of the PS3, and crossing over to the PS4, we’re finally at the last stretch before The Last Guardian will finally release on December 6th 2016. The Internet got excited late yesterday as Sony Interactive Entertainment producer Jun Yoshino tweeted “Gone Gold. Whuddup.”

Yoshino was the producer working on titles including The Last Guardian, immediately making fans excited that they’ll finally get to play Team Ico’s latest. However Yoshino took down the tweet within an hour.

It wasn’t until Shuhei Yoshida, president of worldwide studios at Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed on Twitter stating:

With this announcement, it seems that The Last Guardian will make it’s release date of December 6th 2016, much to the surprise to many. Are you picking up The Last Guardian? Or will you not believe it until the game actually ships? Let us know in the comments.