Telltale Games teases a Mr. Robot related project


Telltale Games has announced the new ECorp messaging app, which will be available on August 17th 2016. While not much has been said on what the App is or what it will be able to do, with the only information on it is that it will help “Connect the World”.

Wait… ECorp… Oh right!


While we don’t know what it is exactly, Telltale is currently working on a tie-in app for USA Network’s hit drama “Mr.Robot.” In the show, ECorp (or Evil Corp as it’s better known in the series) is a evil multinational company who controls the world with debt; while a hacker group, f_society, attempts to take them down and free the people.

With the show receiving stellar reviews, a large fanbase and is well into its second season, one, we’re wondering what exactly does Telltale have planned? Could this be an interesting viral announcement for Mr. Robot: A Telltale Game Series or something completely different?

One thing is for sure, we’ll likely find out on August 17th. Telltale has suggested to “follow @ecorpmessaging on Twitter for more details.”