Team JNPR comes to RWBY Grimm Eclipse


The wait for the highly anticipated 4th volume of the Rooster Teeth animated series RWBY is almost up as the fourth volume is set to premiere on Oct 22nd. Although since we still have about 9 days away, and we can only watch the Beacon seasons so many times (which is a lie in itself) we might as well enjoy some new content for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse which releases today!

Starting off is the long-awaited DLC for Team JNPR, the second major team that is followed throughout the show, which adds Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos and Lie Ren. Each will character will be part of the single and multiplayer modes and include some unique upgrades/gameplay elements and voice over from the show’s cast. You can read up on how each member of Team JNPR plays over at the game’s steam page, this will be a paid DLC for $5.

Another new addition today is Horde Mode, an endless battle mode where players can take everything they learned through the game’s story. As players take on waves of Grimm, they’ll gain currency (Lien) to upgrade turrets and defences over three different maps:¬†Emerald Forest, Forever Fall, and Mountain Glenn. Horde mode will be free to all players.

You can check out the gallery of the team in action as well as some close up on the in-game models. Are you excited for Team JNPR? Is there another RWBY team you want to see? (Team FNKY or SSSN maybe?) Let us know in the comments.

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