Swery’s The Good Life looks for funding on Fig.

Quirky game designer Swery and his new studio, White Owls, have opened their crowdfunding campaign on Fig  to fund their upcoming small-town role-playing, photography simulator and murder mystery game – The Good Life.

The developer is looking for $1.5 Million to fund the game, and at the time of writing this article, the project is at 14% ($215,974) with 36 days left to go! The game follows Naomi, a photographer from New York City who heads over to an English countryside to pay back a debt. Players will follow a ‘daily life’ theme by taking on small jobs for clients around the town in order to repay the debt.

“The theme is ‘daily life,’ so I wanted to allow the player to be as active as possible in what they do,” Swery said in an interview with Polygon about the game. “There will be passive elements such as the parameters like hunger and sleep, so players will be able to experience that side as well.”

Shortly after Naomi comes to the new town, she is thrown into a murder investigation as a girl is found dead in town, leaving her to help find out who killed her out of the small sleepy town. To make things weirder, the down has a secret where everyone turns into a cat at night, including Naomi.

The game sounds a bit ambitious but fun and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to play as a cat. A minimum pledge of $29 (USD) will net backers a digital copy of the game which is expected by Q3 2019. Other rewards includes digital soundtracks, a villager named after a backer in-game, and a chance to have dinner with Swery in an English town (which is available at the low-low price of $15,000).