Have an Opinion on Games or the state of the Game Industry?

Do you make bad-ass art of your favourite games?

Are you in a band who looking for more people to share your music, be video game related or not?

Then we want to hear from you! We’re looking to add more fan input to our site including the mentioned Opinion pieces, artwork, cosplays, videos and music.


Q: How do I submit my content?
A: It’s simple, send us your Opinion, Art, Music, Photos to our email address. We’ll view through the content create a post that we’ll run on our website, as well as submit it to our Social Media Pages. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


Q: Is there any restrictions on what can be sent?
A: Content submitted must be PG-13. In written pieces such as reviews or opinions should be kept tasteful, swearing should be censored while hate speech on any sexual or ethnic groups will not be tolerated. Art work, photos and videos should not include any nudity, or anything that would not appear in a T-Rated Game (exception to the rule is applied for Let’s Play videos, however a graphic warning will be posted.)


Q: Do you need any information when I submit items?
A: Yes. When an email is sent, we will need the following info: Your name (or Alias), Email Address and any social media links to help people who enjoy your work follow you. For specific work we’ll need the following bit of information.

For Written Pieces please include an ‘About the Author’ statement, this will be added into the posting.

For Artwork: Please include the Artist name and site link also permission from the artist.

For Photos: Please include the name of the model and permission for the image.

For Music: Please submit the music via Youtube link, Bandcamp or Soundcloud link and ‘About the Artist’ statement, this will be included in the posting.

For Videos: Please provide the Youtube Link for the video source.


Q: What information will be published?
A: Despite needing the information above, if you do not want your name or social media links published for any reason, please state in the submission. Other wise, we will include any information submitted to us.


Q: I submitted my piece, how long will it be until it is up on the site?
A: Depending on the nature of the item, fan items will be posted within two weeks if the post is accepted. Images will be posted as a gallery of images, videos will be posted after looking through the content, while we would like to aim for one Opinion Piece per week. We will reply to your email when or if we decide to run your item, and will be dependant on the criteria above.


Q: Can I submit a review or opinion on something that is not related to video games?
A: While we would like to keep our items closely related to gaming, we’re also big fans of Movies, TV, Anime, Tabletop and Card Games. If you have an opinion or review on any of this, we would still love to hear your views.


Q: Will I get paid for submitting?
A: At this time, Game It All is a Non-Profit news group designed by Gaming Enthusiasts. For this we cannot pay for fan-content.


Q:  Will Game It All own any of the content I submit?
A: No. The reasoning behind these are to interact with Gamers and help many struggling writer, artists, musicians get noticed for their work, as well as to help Gamers rant about the current state of the industry in a way to get their voice heard.


Q: Will Game It All change anything on my piece?
A: Only changes that may occur is Language Censoring. Remember to keep items to PG-13 language and censor any swears. If you need examples of what not to say, follow the Great Late George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words.


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