Star Wars Battlefront will not feature Force Awakens maps


Bad news to those of you who have seen the latest Star Wars flick and want more of the new universe. EA has advised fans via Twitter earlier this week that there will not be any new content based on The Force Awakens in Star Wars Battlefront.

While this brings up the question, what about the Battle for Jakku map, which takes place on the dessert world introduced in Episode 7? The map actually serves as an epilog to Return of the Jedi as many of the storm-troopers are based on the older models of the soldiers, rather than the new First Order troopers.

EA has previously announced that there will be 4 premium DLC which is part of Battlefronts $50 ($69.99 CAD) season pass, which features¬†another four playable heroes and villains,¬†16 more multiplayer maps “featuring new locations,” four more game modes, and more than 20 additional pieces of gear, including weapons, vehicles and Star Cards. Season pass holders also get the content 2-weeks ahead of everyone else.