Some BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle details leaked.

We haven’t heard much information about Arc System Work’s upcoming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, a crossover fighter featuring fighters from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and the surprise (and very welcomed) RWBY series. Of course Famitsu got to talk to Toshimichi Mori about the project, which was translated via Novril (Youtube and Twitter @novriltataki) who provided some short points about the game.

According to Novril:
1. Mori is returning as producer for the game
2. It will be straight to console with no arcade version
3. Will not be a sequel to the BlazBlue series or continue the story.
4. Will not play similar to the Blazblue titles and feature a brand new system.
5. Designed from the ground up to be pad friendly
6. Will have a story mode that revolves around the cross over between the different worlds
7. The game has been revealed in early development because Arc wants fans to voice who they want in the game.
8. No current plans for Guilty Gear characters (but are aware of the requests)
9. Will only focus on the current 4 franchise announced, but may expand in the future (possible sequel)
10. They are handling each franchise with respect.
11. Many characters don’t fit well with each other so they are reworking sprites.
12. Most of the characters are set in stone, but see #7
13. The game’s main target crowd is the fans abroad rather than Japan.

Mori also gave hints that the BlazBlue’s story isn’t over, rather just Ragna’s saga, possibly meaning we’ll see more Blazblue in the future.

While the lack of Guilty Gear characters is sad, reworked sprites also means that the possibilty of more Persona characters other than the ones that appeared in P4A may appear. This however is just speculation at the moment.

So who are you hoping makes the cut? Let us know in the comments below.
(We’re hoping for the main members of team RWBY and possibly JNPR make the cut, although Pyrrha may be a little overpowered.)