School Girl Zombie Hunter coming to PS4 in November

Aksys Games has announced that the over-the-top action-horror game School Girl/Zombie Hunter will be coming exclusively to PS4 on November 17th 2017, both physically and digitally.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter is set in the Onechanbara universe, a series in which the main character is a bikini-clad samurai that slices all matter of supernatural monsters. Taking place at the prestigious “Kirisaku High School” known for its balanced curriculum of sports and academics, as 5 students get cut off from the outside world and surrounded by an endless zombie horde.

As one of the five school girls (and with 4 of your friends with the game’s online multiplayer), you’ll be able to dish out a variety of levels of carnage using a full array of heavy weaponry, and if that doesn’t work, use some bits of your clothes to lure, distract and confuse your opponents to execute a quick escape or draw enemies together for an ambush. Aksys also promises a large amount of single player content outside the story mode including a boss rush mode, base defense, Time Endurance and time trial mode called Reach the Goal.

Got to admit though, the ridiculousness of the game definitely warrants a test drive. What are your thoughts on School Girl/Zombie Hunter? Have you played any of the Onechanbara series and if so what are your thoughts? Let us know in our comments.