Rumor: PS4 Neo Details


Many Industry sources are corroborating on trickles of information regarding the “PS4K” or “PS4.5” upgraded Playstation model; and now we have some more detailed information about what we’ll be getting with the new console.  Firstly, the PS4K is going by the project name: Neo.  (Whoa.)


The smallest known boost will be from the CPU portion, where it bumps up from 1.6Ghz to 2.1 Ghz; helping the system process  a decent amount faster.

The GPU will receive the largest boost, jumping from 18 GCN cores at 800 Mhz to 36 “Improved” cores at 911Mhz.  While not confirmed at this time, the “Improved” cores would fall in line to being AMD’s soon to release Polaris GPU tech, which presents a very significant upgrade.

The ram will remain at 8 GB; however they will have more bandwidth and an extra 512 MB freed up from the OS for games to use.  (It is not known if the vanilla PS4’s will get freed space in a patch of sorts, as some questions are still unanswered about this.)

Another interesting bit of information is that Sony apparently has no plans to make any Neo-exclusive content for both the console or PSVR. The idea here seems to be that everyone can have access to the same content regardless of which version of the PS4 they own; a very fair and intuitive approach.  In addition, it would seem they also will not allow developers to do the same. Instead, they will need to have the game be able to detect which version is being used, and will apply the appropriate graphics settings; not unlike how PC games can switch settings to accommodate different specs.  This will mean that new games will run no matter which console you use – they’ll just look better on the Neo.

Furthermore, while also not entirely confirmed, the specs suggest the Neo will have the horsepower to handle 4k tv’s, which would make it the first of its kind as so far this has been solely the PC’s claim to fame.  There is no mention of which blu-ray disk drive type is being used, but there’s reason to believe Sony will stick with the 50GB models instead of the 66GB or 100GB ones.

There is no release date hinted at yet, though it’s likely before this holiday season.  We will likely hear more from Sony directly in May as they plan to hold “briefings” at DevCon.  This is quite exciting!