Rock Band 4 Xbox One version requires a $20 Adaptor


Thinking of picking up the Xbox One version of Harmonix’s Rock Band 4 to go with your last-gen instruments? Well, be sure that you’re ready to shell out an extra $20 for the stand-alone edition.

The $20 price hike for the Xbox One edition is thanks to a Legacy Game Controller Adapter, which will be needed to play the old instruments as well as most third party versions. This is needed due the fact that Microsoft had changed how the wireless connection between the console and its controllers worked, making it impossible offer support for the 360 peripherals.

We worked closely with Microsoft to let players use their legacy Rock Band and third party guitars and drums on the Xbox One, as we all understood the value there,” a Harmonix representative said in a statement.

The Xbox One version will only support the Wireless version of the Guitar and Drums, when asked by Polygon if the Xbox One will support the older USB instruments they stated, “We don’t currently support wired USB instruments.”

The PS4 stand-alone edition will not be affected with the Wireless connection issue, as they had a USB wireless adapter on the PS3 version, which will work on PS4. Rock Band 4 is set to be released on October 6th 2015.