a perfect circle – The Doomed – New Music Highlight

a perfect circle is an alternative Metal/Rock band, members of the band includes guitarist Billy Howerdel and Maynard James Keenan of Tool, the band is from  Los Angeles, California, and the band was formed in 1999. The band have released 3 studio albums in the early 2000’s and a Greatest hits album Three Sixty in 2013. Last week on October 17 the band has released their first new single The Doomed since 2013 and 2005 since a studio single, this new single is in preparation for a new studio album to release next year;

the sound of the song is glorious new a perfect circle, the song has this great progressive alternative vibe and the song features Maynard vocal…what more needs to be said!;


My only question is when am I getting something new from TOOL!