Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Incorporated coming to Card Hunter

Penny Arcade’s Comedy Dungeons and Dragon’s show, Acquisitions Incorporated, has been a staple at PAX for the last 8 years, and now you’ll be able to join the adventures of Omin Dran (Jerry Holkins), Jim Darkmagic (Mike Krahulik) and Binwin Bronzebottom (Scott Kurtz) in the PC Collectible Card Game, Card Hunter.

The Acquisitions Inc pack will include three treasure hunts and three bonus adventures along with three new figures and one month Card Hunter Club membership for the low price of $5.99. If you’re lucky enough to be a PAX East this weekend, you’ll be able to see Acquisitions Incorporated panel on Sunday, April 24 at 1 pm in the Main Theater.

And for the few of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. You can catch up on Acquisitions Inc’s adventures here!