Nintendo Labo price and release date announced

While the Nintendo Labo was probably the weirdest thing Nintendo could announce in recent history. For those who missed last week’s quick Nintendo Direct reveal, Nintendo Labo is a set of cardboard items that can be folded, then manipulated in various ways.

It sounds stupid when talking about the concept, more so when you’re writing it down, but the trailer still found a way to make it look fun or at the very least interesting. However what we’re all concerned about is how much are we going to pay for cardboard that we can do origami with?

According to Nintendo, that price is $69.99 USD for the “Variety Kit”. The kit is roughly $10 more than a full Nintendo Switch title and is set for an April 20th launch date (April 27 if you’re in Europe and U.K.) A second kit – the “Robot Kit” – will launch on the same day for $79.99.

The Variety Kit will come with several different activities including two RC Cars, a Fishing Rod, House, Motobike and Piano, while the Robot Kit will give you an interactive robot suit equipped with a visor, backpack, and straps for your hands and feet. Both kits will come with the software needed to run the activities and the necessary materials. Nintendo also confirmed that a special Customization set which will include stencils, stickers and coloured tape will also be available for $9.99

When you take in consideration that you’re also getting software that needs to be active to play the Labo activities, something which I think a lot of people forget, the price isn’t completely awful, especially for those with young children and looking to put a little more of a hands-on-creativity to their game time. We’ll have to wait to see if and what Nintendo will have to follow-up with the Labo.