New Tactical Shooter “Ready or Not” announced


Void Interactive has announced a new SWAT based tactical shooter, Ready or Not, and despite being in early development, we’re already pretty excited for the title as the first look of the game looks pretty awesome and hold a feeling of old-school Rainbow Six and SWAT (which we’ve been needing a proper sequel to.)

Ready or Not places you in the as an elite SWAT team who must defuse hostile situations in claustrophobic environments. Players will be able to choose their loadout (including non-lethal options such as beanbag shotguns, tasers and pepper spray) and will also include a planning phrase to pick out how to deal with situations. The developer blog also points out several features including the ability to control the speed of opening doors, what degree of leaning around corners, and simulating combat damage.

Along with a single-player campaign, the game will also feature co-operative and competitive modes for up to 8 players which will be fully supported by Amazon’s Gamelift API. You can check out the full list of features for the game here.

Since the game is still in early development, there is no release date or confirmed platforms aside from PC at the moment.