New God of War Game Confirmed with Gameplay Trailer


Accompanied by a live orchestra, a new God of War game was confirmed by Sony with a gameplay demo as the opening announcement for their E3 press conference.

It can already be seen from the gameplay footage shown that this new entry into the series will be remarkably different from its predecessors in multiple ways. In the demo, we see an older and somewhat calmer Kratos who has become a father once again to a young son. Kratos also sports a full beard this time around that would make both Vikings and hipsters alike jealous. What probably is the biggest visual change that can be observed from the demo, however, is the new game’s vastly different setting; which is now based in Norse mythology instead of Greek mythology.

The gameplay demo itself, which is just about ten minutes long, depicts Kratos on a hunting trip with his new son as they encounter monsters, such as a giant troll, along the way. The camera angle during gameplay is much more zoomed in than in previous entries with a new over-the-shoulder perspective. The combat is different too, seeming more fluid and almost resembling something that you would see in a game from the Dark Souls franchise. Also worth mentioning are the environments that were shown off during the demo which, aside from looking stellar graphics-wise, resemble the kind of areas that you would explore in Skyrim.


The director for the new God of War game is Cory Barlog, who is the same director that worked on the second game of the series. Barlog became a father himself during the planning stages of the newest installment into the series, which he used as inspiration for the unique direction that he decided to take with its story. Following the events of the past games, the storyline of the new God of War may give us a chance to see a different side of Kratos that is less mad and vengeful as we would expect from him, but instead more tolerant and nurturing as we see him interact with his son. Barlog has stated that Kratos and his son will remain together for most of the game, so the relationship between the two will surely be a central part of the game’s narrative.

Interestingly enough, the title for the game is not God of War 4, but just God of War; even though it is not planned as a reboot.