New Funko Pops Announcement – June 12th

To those of you that enjoy collectible figures, Funko Pop vinyls are one of the most accessible series and span quite a large variety. Every weeks new figures are announced and these are the newest ones revealed.

Starting with a figure that is out right meow, Dug from Up makes its adorable debut in the line of Funko Pop vinyl figures.


Later in August, Funko collectors will be able to complete their Mighty Morphin Power Ranger line up with the release of the Green, Black, Yellow and Blue Ranger!

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Coming this sometime this summer, hopefully sooner than later, some Megaman collectibles will be available. Mega Man, Rush, Proto Man and Dr. Wily!

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I know I’m personally pumped about the Proto Man one!

From more Funko News, tune in next Saturday!