New app = free Hearthstone pack

Quick update from Blizzard, the app, no-longer-aka the Blizzard App since Destiny 2 is totally a thing and Blizzard doesn’t make that, got a small face-lift this week. In the event that you’re one of those people who don’t look at the app so much as blindly clicks the giant “Play” button because you long for the days of just clicking the icon for a game and having the game launch then, for once, you’re missing out.

For the socially inclined you now have a whole tab, looks like this:

and clicking it then looks like this:

Looks super entertaining, check it out. Also they sent you a free hearthstone pack, aka a bunch of free dust if you’re a regular hearthstone player which doesn’t sound that great but it sort of is, in a way. And yes, I’m referring to both “a bunch of free dust” and being “a regular hearthstone player” when I say that. In any event, I already clicked it but you’d usually find it over here:

And now you can see exactly how much use I’ll get out of that new Social tab with my seven friends. So tell all your friends to like and and share this article and maybe ask them if they want to add me on since I could apparently use the company.

In any event, you can gift things through the app now, it’s on the shop tab, and I think that’s super great. It looks like you can gift just about anything from Hearthstone heroes to Destiny 2.

So get on claiming that Hearthstone pack, sounds like it expires 12/31/17. No confirmation on if other gifts expire. If you send one or receive one then let me know in the comments. Or send me one and then I’ll know, I love free stuff.

Oh, up to the minute update that I’m literally just learning about now. If you click your name and then “View Profile” you can choose an avatar. So I get to add to the list of places wherein I’m Abathur and that’s the absolute best. Check me out:

In any event, I’m off to spin some more sequences, enjoy the new app and keep checking back to for all your gaming and entertainment news.