Mutant Football League coming to PS4 and Xbox One Jan 19th

The spiritual successor to the over-the-top 1993 Sega Geneses sports classics – Mutant League Football – Mutant Football League has been confirmed for a PS4 and Xbox One release on January 19th, 2018 by its developers, Digital Dreams Entertainment.

For those unfamiliar with the Mutant League series which was originally produced by EA, the series had 2 games focusing on Football and Hockey, each had mutant characters who could die if hit too hard or fell a death-trap. Mutant Football League plays homage to that by bringing a roster of comical ghouls who deliver “tongue-through-cheek” humour, and all the experience of 7-on-7 American Football with the addition of bone-crunching hits and plenty of blood.

As a bonus, Mutant Football League features voice-over of Tim Kitzrow, best known for his memorable sound bites from NBA Jam such as “Boomshakalaka!” and “He’s on fire!” (good chance we’ll hear this one again.) Digital Dreams have also confirmed that the PS4 and Xbox one will remained as foul-mouthed as the PC version which released on Halloween of last year.