MOTHERGUNSHIP is the FPS Bullet-Hell you didn’t know you wanted

When you hear fast-paced-first-person-shooter-bullet-hell you’d probably think I’m throwing a bunch of key words at you all at once. While you’re right about that, it’s also the best way to describe Terrible Posture, the creators of the excellent Rogue-Like shooter Tower of Guns, latest game called MOTHERGUNSHIP!

Players are put in the shoes of Earth’s Last Hope against a horde of Robotic Alien invaders and must take down the MOTHERGUNSHIP (capitalization are completely necessary). To do so, players will have the ability to craft the weapons of their dreams, examples include a 12 barrel gun that shoots homing rockets, a lighting shotgun and more.

The game promises a co-operative and community experience for players, however information on this feature is currently limited. You can check out the game in motion in the trailer above, or check out some screenshots below! MOTHERGUNSHIP is slated for a PS4, Xbox One and PC release.

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