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I have been playing Minecraft for WAYYYY to long.. i leave i come back, leave come back, much like my Time with Wow and now Destiny. For this iteration of Minecraft much like other TellTale game, I was going to hold off until they are all released. I hate the wait. I am impatient for story arcs, it’s why I buy comics in paperback. After hearing the squeals of my Girlfriends nephew about it, and having to deal with My girlfriends not so secret Minecraft addiction I purchased it.



Upon loading up and Diving in the game feels pleasantly “Minecraft”. The sounds and menu scheme are a pleasant page right out of the original. when you start your game you get a choice of a few male skins and female skins. I did eventually play both but started with the female whom i believe delivers much better lines.

We are then introduced to the first shock…Minecraft….has….a…story line! A couple of Best buddies call the “Order of the Stone” take up arms save the world, dive into “The End” and kill the Ender dragon just because? We don’t know but apparently it was totally awesome and everyone loves them for it. Gabriel’s Face bellow shows how much enthusiasm i have for this vague plot. But I’m caught up on the part where they said “Lies” in the narration. I’m assuming super best friends aren’t telling the whole story!

*SPOLERS* (they are not) *SPOILERS*

The Order of the Stone members: Gabriel the Warrior, Magnus the Griefer, Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer and Soren the Architect


So we zoom into a tree house and are introduced to our Main Protagonist Jessie an outspoken warrior type, her friend Olivia a witty red stone tinkerer, Axel who apparently loves trolling people and playing with explosives. Seeing a similarity to another group we were introduced to? Last but no least and the most important member of the bunch Ruben the pigtacular best friend! seriously i love this pig. I heard they created mini pigs in a lab Krystal would totally be on board with getting one…i think…

On with the Story they head to Endercon which also hosts a building competition they are enrolled into. They briefly discuss what they want to build and then ensues the Epic build Montage,


I don’t want to give a play-by-play of everything here it would be easy to spoil everything because this is a very short game. 2 hours on your first play through. Essential you go to the Con, Meet Petra (who is awesome) Lukas (who is probably awesome?) Gabriel the good guy from the begging and Ivor our definitely bad guy.

Ivor Rips of petra for a Witherskull which he uses to revive this guy below↓ I’m sure followers of Minecraft have summoned a wither.. but this is a WitherStorm which apparently is pretty OP. Ivor’s motivations are pretty spoiler but will obviously be part of the meat in future episodes.


A pretty cool action Scene ensues and we end up trapped in the Nether tasked with finding the old hang-out of the Order of the Stone. After a few punches in the face, some mine cart comedy and squabbling in the ranks, we are left with the last major choice of the game. How we want to start the second game! You get to choose to hang out with one of your two best buds to find their favourite Order member. Surprisingly not TellTale stats have people choosing the not annoying friend. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  *Cough Axel Cough*

Basically that’s it we get a very vague teaser of episode II and credits roll. So how was it?



Minecraft: Story Mode by TellTale Games – is a game taking on the impossible task of giving Minecraft a story line. In every die-hard head they have paved their own story into Minecraft with the 100’s of hours poured into multiple servers and worlds. At it’s best TellTale has created a colourful world littered with fan service for the Minecraft die-hard. The script is mostly enjoyable, with decent jokes and some great. I hated it was 2 hours long but this is an episodic adventure. However this adventure left me wanting to play more. whether or not ill wait until the full story is released i am not sure but i definitely look forward to seeing how the rest of this plays out. What do you think? For me ill end with a rating of “That’ll do pig….That’ll do”.



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