Microsoft Revises Xbox One Controller with Bluetooth



Along with the support of Wi-fi Direct; Microsoft will also be adding Bluetooth to their newer revisions of controllers.

Originally it was not added as it doesn’t do too well when you have multiple controllers on a single console; however, the idea here is that PC users generally have just the single player. This will allow people to buy controllers without having to buy a specialized dongle to use the controller in a wireless fashion.

As per Phil Spencer, “For the PC experience I think Bluetooth is great. I still think Xbox Wireless for the console experience is the right way to go, which is why we put both antennas in there,” he continued. “But yeah, that same controller that comes with the Xbox One S or the custom controllers that people are building … so those are Bluetooth as well. So they’re Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless. And we specifically designed it so you can have one controller that you take back and forth from your console to your PC.”

It’s a welcome addition for those who may have a need for a new controller on the PC in the near future.