May’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC is live!

As per usual, the pack of DLC for May is free and will include multiple quests and quite a few extra pieces of gear and here’s the rundown!

Challenge Quest 3 will have you fight a Frenzied Iodrome and a Zinogre in the Arena, followed by a Frenzied Gendrome and a Rathalos.

Challenge Quest 5 will pit you against a Nerscylla in the Arena.

Monster Fest 2 will feature a Chaotic Gore Magala to hunt.

Episode 3: Of Masks & Monsters will involve Kayamba and Cha-Cha (From MH3U) and their quest to retrieve the Ultimate Mask. Rewards for this episode include a Kayamba and a Cha-Cha outfit for your palico, dual blades and a bowgun.

As for the collaboration gear, we have some from Universal Studio Japan, Bandai Namco, Nintendo and Capcom!
Universal Studio Japan: Hot Ticket will make you fight Azure Rathalos and Gold Rathian in the Arena for tickets for the Star Rook armor while Universal Studio Japan: Zamtrios 3D sets you against a Zamtrios from the Starlight Axe (Charge Blade).

The Bandai Namco keeps the Zamtrios hunt on with a Tiger Striped Zamtrios but also adding a Congalala in the Arena for extra challenge. The reward will be a Taiko Drum Masters Hunting Horn!

Capcom rolls in some cameos of their own with 3 Palico outfits. The first is Blanka, obtained from the quest Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ where you must defeat oversized Konchus in the Arena. The twist, you can’t wear any armor. In Fight for the Future, you will be set to hunt a Giant Lagombi in the Arena for your chance to obtain the tickets for the Chun Li outfit and last but not least, in Protector of Peace, a Tetsucabra and Berserk Tetscucabra will be facing you in the Arena for the Megaman outfit and the Rush weapon.

The Nintendo collaboration is for some sweet Metroid based armor and weapon. Looming Shadows will set you against 2 Shrouded Nerscylla while Special Mission will set you up against a fierce Yian Garuga. Complete those two quest to craft the Power Suit gunner armor and the Arm Cannon bowgun

The announcement wouldn’t be complete without the tease for the June DLC which showed off some Devil May Cry themed equipment for the palico!


All the information above can be found in the video down below: