Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite gameplay released

Capcom’s worst kept secret for the past week had been officially announced during the Playstation Experience yesterday, as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was announced via a new trailer which pitted Ryu and Megaman X vs Captain Marvel and Ironman.

Capcom has confirmed that the game will be moving from 3v3 battles to 2v2 and to will also have the Infinity Stones as a special power-up. Capcom also promises a cinematic story mode, as well as “a variety of accessible single player modes, including Training, Mission and Arcade modes.”

Shortly after the announcement, Capcom also released the first gameplay footage during the Capcom Cup. The demostration showed off the trailer fighters in a fluid and much less chaotic combat then the previous entry, also showed off the Power and Time Infinity Stone which increased strength and speed drastically for the fighters.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is set for a late 2017 launch but fans who want to get their superhero vs video game characters kick now can pick up Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the Playstation Store now!