Lets Takeover The World – Agenda review!


World Domination has always been something that has been hard to achieve for most who have tried in history, because of lack of resources, power or influence over others, but all of this could change with Agenda!

Agenda is the brand new strategy game from Exordium Games (Bear With Me, Zero Reflex and Nephil’s Fall), Exordium Games is an indie studio that was founded in 2014 and is based in Zagreb, Croatia.


Agenda is a strategy simulation game in which you control a world-wide independent agency with a set goal of world domination, to do this you need to set up different agency in each region around the world to build up influence to control the entire world. the game map is very similar to what you would see in great strategy board games such as Risk or my personal favourite; Axes and Allies with many different region and territories to take over and control. For each of the region of the game world; you want to plan and execute operations to gain influence and power, also the more successful operations you achieve a specific region, those regions will become your Ally so you can advance your attempt at world domination.


when you first start a new game in Agenda, you start with limited resources to plan and execute operations within that starting region, after successfully completing small and less risky operations to start building Resources and experience, you are able to attempt more complex and riskier operations. Within the game there are 5 different types of operations you can perform and this includes: Economy, Politics, Military, Science and Media. At the beginning of a new game you also get to pick one of the 5 powers to be more proficient Planning and executing within that types operations.


Within the game there are two reward systems, the first one is when you successfully complete operation and expand into new regions of the world, you receive upgrade points that gives you the ability to unlock new and more interesting operations in each of the 5 types of operations. The second type of reward is Agency weapons which you get to unlock 3 of the 5 during the playthrough of the game, the Agency weapons to pick from including two different types of Lay Low, double up, multitasking and agenda, and each Agency weapons have some great benefits but they also have some consequences too so you need to be careful of what you pick.


And finally to win the game you need to be able to bring the influence meter to 100%, to have influence over the entire world, but if your exposure meter hits 100%, you lose the game and your agency you work so hard to build will expose you as the puppet master behind the curtains pulling the stings.


The graphical style of Agenda is very clean and looks similar to other espionage style games such as Alpha Protocol, Syphon Filter or Splinter Cell, also the in-game menu’s and operation management elements of the game are well made and work with the over all theme of Agenda.

My overall experience with Agenda was good, I enjoyed the strategy elements of gameplay, the different types of operation you can undertake was interesting, the graphical style of the game, and the ability to do shady activities on a global scale. The game had some weak points, such as the lack of a rival or adversary that would be trying to stop you or over take your progress in order to add to the difficulty.

Agenda is available on steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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