LawBreakers – The Alpha test and more about the game


LawBreakers is the upcoming First Person Arena Shooter, from Boss Key Productions, which was Founded in 2014 by Cliff Bleszinski( the Jazz Jackrabbit series, the Unreal series and the Gears of War series) and Arjan Brussee( Jazz Jackrabbit, co-founder of Guerrilla Games and Battlefield Hardline). The game is being developed using the Unreal 4 Engine which is not really surprising, the game is being published by Nexon, and it’s slated to release latter this year.


LawBreakers is very similar to other games within the genres, such as Unreal Tournament, battleborn and overwatch, but it does use a much faster-paced gameplay style which includes the ability to manipulate the laws of gravity, so that you can literally fly around the map to kill your foes in new and interesting ways. The game is divided into two separate factions, the Law and the Breakers, this includes different character class types such as the Assassin, the Enforcer, The Titan and the Vanguard each of these character classes includes different abilities to dominate with in the game. At the moment the game includes 8 playable characters two for each character class type. During alpha #4 for the game from July 22 and 23, they showed of their new gameplay mode TURF WAR( similar to the classic Domination mode, but with a Boss Key twist), the Promenade Map and Grand View Map are available and you can play as any of the 4 class type which includes 8 playable Characters.


During the alpha, the servers were only up for 3 hours for each day of the alpha, from what I got to play of the LawBreakers alpha was very impressive from the games graphics, the layout of the map, the different character class types and hands down the best part of the game was the gravity manipulation. For being an alpha, I was very impressed with how solid the LawBreakers was, so i am very excited to play the next alpha test and also to get the full release of the game!