Lawbreakers is a marathon not a sprint – Bosskey

Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions’s first game – LawBreakers -launched last week on PS4 and PC. Despite a shaky launch on console, the title has been doing quite well on PC with a “very positive” rating on Steam on more than 1,800 reviews.

This is just the beginning, in an interview with Eurogamer, Bleszinski teased more characters, maps and modes are coming down the road! “We see this game as a marathon and not a sprint” Bleszinski said in the interview.

One of the first thing that was mentioned was the introduction of a new character. Currently, Lawbreakers has 9 characters in the game, but a tenth is being tested and is aleady “fully playable.” Two maps are “99% ready to go” and as of new modes, we got the “can’t really talk about those.” New skins will be coming in “a couple months” so we also have those to look forward to.

For Lawbreakers to have ongoing support after launch is just the signs of the times according to Bleszinski, “That’s the world we live in–it’s no longer fire and forget.”

One thing for sure, Cliff does know his audience. In the inteview he talked about the current Reviews for Lawbreakers, in which he was proud of the game’s very positive rating on Steam, which he considers a “very harsh platform.”

“What we’ve found is that Steam is a very harsh platform, and if you go to Steam reviews for any game, you can’t bullsh** Steam users, PC users,” Bleszinski said. “I’m not saying you can bullshit console users, but Steam users are some of the most savvy gamers out there. If you go to our reviews they’re 90 percent positive. We’ve created a community over the last three years of really loyal and dedicated fans who love the game and the studio.”

LawBreakers is available on PS4 and PC for $30 (USD), with an Xbox One release a possibility. Check out our footage of the game’s Open Beta that released prior to the game’s launch to get a taste of the gravity defying combat that you’d get to see in the shooter.