Latest Final Fantasy XV Patch allows you to swap characters

While I’m not going to knock Noctis, after 50 hours of playing though FFXV I consider him to be one of the better Final Fantasy Characters in recent history. However part of what makes him great is his merry band of Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto that keeps him grounded. It was almost too bad that we couldn’t get to play as the other three during the main campaign.

With FFXV’s 1.19 update however, this will change. Releasing today along side Episode Ignis, Patch 1.19 will bring in the ability to swap characters and play as one of the other three party members as well. One of the drawbacks to this is that you will have to unlock the ability in the Ascension Grid before you’re able to make use of it. In addition to character swapping, FFXV’s December update fixes various bugs and adds music from the Comrades and Episode Ignis expansion to the music player tracklist.

Episode Ignis is the last announced DLC chapter for FFXV however we won’t see the end of new content just yet. During a livestream event for Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary, FFXV director Hajime Tabata revealed that three more DLC chapters are planned for release in 2018, with the first to focus on the villain Ardyn.

Here is the full patch notes provided by Square Enix for FFXV 1.19 patch.

Version 1.19

Implementation of character swap feature (available in Ascension: Techniques)
Conclusion of online support for timed quests
Addition of compatibility with “Episode Ignis”
Addition of pieces from “Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades” and “Episode Ignis” to music player tracklist
Various bug fixes

Version 1.20

Various bug fixes