King’s Quest episode 2 release date announced


If you’re a Playstation Plus member, you’re probably enjoying King’s Quest Episode 1 right now, only to ask “where is the rest of the game, didn’t it come out in July?” Well yes it did, but there is a very good reason for the delay.

You see, King’s Quest Episode 2: Rubble without a Cause, takes place a long time after the events of the first episode, and tells a story from the beginning of King Graham’s reign as ruler of Daventry, when a group of goblins holds the kingdom hostage. Due to this time frame, the developers at The Odd Gentlemen needed to put some extra work into the game.

“This type of story means in each chapter we need to build a new model and animation sets for our main character as well as supporting cast,” said Matt Korba, co-founder of The Odd Gentlemen and creative director on King’s Quest. “All chapters have an overarching story that ties everything together but not in the traditional serialized ‘to be continued’ way.”

As a result of the long gap in story, players won’t need to remember much of their choices done in King’s Quest Episode 1, “It’s not like Battlestar Galactica where you will need a primer to remember all the micro events that happened in the last story,” Korba explained, adding that the other episodes will be released at a quicker pace.

There will be some changes to the gameplay as well, as the first game was mainly focused on the puzzle-solving structure of the first two King’s Quest games, the second episode is stated to be much darker, focusing more on the elements from King’s Quest 3: To Heir is Human, and introduce an escape mechanic.

King’s Quest Episode 2: Rubble without a Cause is set to be released on December 15th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One.