King of Fighters CGI Anime gets a new trailer

A Steam Page for the upcoming King of Fighters CG Anime titled King of Fighters Destiny had several new details about the series including a new trailer to give us a closer look at how the action is going to look when it releases later this Summer.

The trailer highlights at least two of the King of Fighters popular storylines. While the main focus seems to be on Terry and Andy Bogard and their quest for revenge against Geese Howard (the main story behind Fatal Fury) there is also a significant focus on Kyo Kusanagi which brings the Orochi story to the fold. The Steam page also suggest that several characters will also make an appearance including Mai Shiranui, and Ryo Sakazaki (suggesting that we may also see the Art of Fighting storyline played out as well.)

According to the Steam page, there will be 24 episodes for the show and will be available starting August 3rd 2017. The listing also states that the episodes will be in Japanese with English subtitles. No word on how much the series will cost to stream via the popular gaming service.