Jackbox Party Pack 4 announced, includes Fibbage 3

It’s no secret that Jackbox Games has one of the finest collections of digital party games available on the market, from the ridiculous party trivia/game-show “You don’t know Jack” to the crowd pleasing Fibbage and Quiplash, there is plenty of (sometimes NSFW) fun to be had with the series.

It’s right on time that the 4th collection gets a release. The Jackbox Party Pack 4 has been officially announced. No release date has been given, but the team did announced the first game in the collection, which will be Fibbage 3.

For those who haven’t tried Fibbage out, it’s a game where you get points for having your friends guess your wrong answer over the right choice for the question. What Fibbage 3 does differently from the previous entries in the series is that it will allow the audience (who can join in via your room code like in Quiplash) will be able to choose an answer as well, giving players more points for fooling more people.

The Collections have usually included up to 5 different games, and has been available on multiple different platforms. Jackbox Games has only stated that the Jackbox Party Pack 4 will be “coming to major digital marketplaces.”