Halo Wars 2 introduces a new Badass villain

Sometimes when you really need to build a villain, all you need is a character to explain the reason to fear him/her/it, and the latest trailer for Halo Wars 2 does this well with the introduction of Atriox.

According to the trailer, Atriox is a Brute that the Covenant enslaved and trained entirely too well, allowing him to break away and form his own mercenary group called The Banish, who the UNSC have an issue with as they may have found “the most powerful weapons platform the galaxy has ever seen.”

Halo Wars 2 will be available on February 21st 2017, with a $79.99 (USD) Ultimate Edition announced which will include the Season Pass and the Definitive Edition of the original Halo Wars which will also be available on Windows. Pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition will give you access to the Halo Wars Definitive Edition starting December 20th.