Get the Band! Rock Band 4 is official!


After months of teasing, Rock Band 4 has been officially announced by Harmonix. It has been 5 years since the release of Rock Band 3 and the subsequent fall of the Rhythm genre, which led to the stop of DLC for Rock Band and the closure of several studios which were working on Activision’s Guitar Hero series.

With Rock Band making the jump to PS4 and Xbox One, there is a few things to note. First of which is that your songs will carry over as long as they’re in the same family, this also counts for all previous Rock Band Songs (although some will not come back due to licensing difficulties.) Harmonix is working on a way of allowing the old plastic instruments to work on the new gen, which they are working with Sony and Microsoft with. Finally Mad Catz will be releasing new instruments for the game when it launches later this year.

For more information on the title we recommend checking out Polygon’s interview/reveal with Harmonix which also covers Harmonix top picks for songs you need to play in Rock Band.

Are you excited for a new Rock Band? What Songs do you want to hear in the game? And the big question, what was your Band name? (Back in College most of our Game It All crew were playing as 50-Caliber Aspirin and Midnight Kittens depending on the band members.) Let us know in the comments below.