Get a glimpse of the first Open World Dynasty Warriors

Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors is probably best known for it’s 1 vs 1000 gameplay that has given the company plenty of spin-offs to work with including Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Berserk and Gundam, but we were always curious about the announcement that the latest title in the series – Dynasty Warrior 9 – would be transitioning to an Open World China.

During Sony’s China Joy press conference, Omega Force gave people a hands on look at how the open world gameplay would work in Dynasty Warriors 9 with a 6 minutes of gameplay footage (above).

Like the previous Dynasty Warriors titles, the game will take place during the war of the three kingdoms period in ancient China, where the armies of Wu, Shu, Wei fight for control of the land, the favour of the people and resources. While past titles were set in isolated battle-fields where players had to attempt to control specific locations and deal with whatever gets thrown at them, Dynasty Warriors 9 will give more focus on travel and exploration of the land.

Koei Tecmo has confirmed that the game will be coming to the west in the near future, we currently do not have a full release date for the latest version of the series.