Here we are, the creme a la creme, the best of the best. 2017 was the best year in gaming in almost 10 years, and hopefully 2018 continues the trend. Here is our Game of the Year for 2017.



Persona 5 (Atlus)

Horizon:Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games)

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)

Mario Odyssey (Nintendo)

Nier: Automata (Platinum Games/Square Enix)



Nier: Automata

When Nier Automata came out, we were blindsided! It was a game that had everything to prove and it succeeded on every aspect, from the amazing combat system that screamed Platinum Games, to the interesting story and characters, heck, we haven’t been able to put Nier Automata down as we attempt to clear the game’s 26 endings. Glory to Mankind.


Agree or disagree with any of our Game of the Year picks? Let us know!