GalGun Double Peace gets “Steamy” with a PC release


Released in North America on PS4 and Vita just last month, PC Shoot’em-up fans should be happy to hear that the hilariously perverted Gal*Gun Double Peace will be coming to Steam on September 27th according to publisher PQube.

Not much was said about the Steam version, so we’re currently assuming that this will be a direct port of the game. Whether the Steam version will support mods or Stream Workshop is still unknown at this time.

We reviewed Gal*Gun Double Peace, where we gave it high praise for being a fun railshooter however advised that “the game isn’t for everyone, if you’re not a person who can stand Lewd Positions, a gratuitous amount of Panty Shots, and things that make it awkward to explain to family or friends watching you play.” You can check out the Stream Trailer here!