Disney shuts down Marvel: Avengers Alliance later this month


At one point and time it seemed like everyone on Facebook was playing Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. The free-to-play Facebook RPG was insanely popular and probably annoyed a large chunk of people with fans of the game sending requests for items and help.

Earlier today, Disney Interactive announced that Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Avengers Alliance 2 on all platforms, which includes the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store, and Facebook, will be shutting down on September 30th 2016

Unfortunately this means that on September 30th, fans of the game will no longer have access to the game. The in-game store has been shut down and Disney has stated that there will not be any refunds given for those who purchased items prior to the shutdown.

Disney stated that the choice to take the game down was a difficult one, but they had a “plan to focus our efforts on new games for our fans and community.”