Dishonored 2 gets New Game+ and Customizable difficulty in free patch

Dishonored 2 has turned out something of a surprise hit, while the first game was good, I would have never expected the sequel to be better. But here we are, a stronger story, better choices, more options coming to combat and powers, the game has been improved in almost everyway.

Like with Bethesda’s previous release, DOOM, the company is looking to add more to the game via Free Patches with the first coming sometime in the coming weeks according to Bethesda’s Blog. The first major update highlights a New Game + mode for those who have already blasted through the game already, and a new custom difficulty mode.

“At Arkane we have this philosophy of Play Your Way,” says Dishonored 2 Lead Designer Dinga Bakaba. “But it has to be real. We don’t want it to be just smoke and mirrors.”

Bethesda promised more to the update, as well as more details on how New Game + will work and what will be available in the Custom Difficulty mode before the patch drops. In the meantime, check out the awesome developer interview on how they focused on creating choices for the players.