Destiny: Crimson Days

“The Couple That Plays Together” -Stays together? Die’s together?


Crimson Days was announced last week by Bungie as a brand new possibly annual event in the Destiny universe. This new event will be decorate the Tower in blood red hues, petals banners and other decorations.

Bungie has been VERY vague about what will be included in this event by will go into further details in this weeks, weekly update. What they have told us is this will be a new PVP event that will pair couples together and will have a twist.

The pvp mode will be called crimson doubles and there is some speculation if this will be 2v2, 2v2, 2v2v2 or even 2v2v2v2. Any or all of these would be neat especially if there was some special “doubles” based perks or abilities. We can assume that Shaders, emblems and Micro transactions will most certainly be involved. However for now all we know is that Love will be in the air, and it will last for one week, starting on February 9th.