Destiny: Crimson Days Details

For one week Starting February 9th destiny players can take place in the Valentine’s event “Crimson Days”.


As expected from “leaked” information this holiday event will focus around a PVP game mode called Crimson Doubles.  This mode is essentially a 2v2 pvp match following a Romeo and Juliet game play theme. For anyone that isn’t aware a “Romeo and Juliet” fight whether its against NPC’s a boss or in this case other players, in which when one of the pairs “Romeo or Juliet” dies the other enrages.


As Bungie details in the update until your partner is revived or the round is lost you will gain max stats increasing reload/armor/ability/ and shield recovery through a buff called Broken Heart.


Bungie has been vague about what PVP rewards may exist are are implied to be mostly cosmetic however i would expect to see 290-310 light level holiday gear since this is a pvp event. Lord Shaxx will also have new bounties for us following the Crimson Days theme and will reward you for success in combat.

What we do know in regards to rewards is we can expect holiday skinned Ghost Shells, Shader’s and Emotes. If anyone was dying to get there hands on some sweet, sweet Hotline Bling Drake shuffle, here is your chance! Based on the icons it looks like we are also getting a fist pound team emote, the Napoleon Dynamite dance, prize acceptance and possibly pattycake?



All in all this is something to look forward to in destiny, however i would expect that hardcore fans may be looking for something a bit more “meatier” coming from the game in the future, hopefully Bungie can throw us a few more details as to what the march update will contain.