Corsair unleashes new Mag-Lev case fans


Corsair has made available a new fan type called Mag-Lev for people to use as case fans in their PC’s. What’s special about these is that instead of the normal ball-bearing style of fans, these use magnets to levitate the fans from the motor housing; significantly reducing noise levels while allowing higher speeds.


At the lowest speeds (400 RPM), Corsair said the 120 mm fans operate at only 16 dBA while pushing 12 CFM of airflow. At 2,400 RPM, the same fans offer 75 CFM at merely 37 dBA. Added to that, the corners of the Pro-branded fans include rubber anti-vibration dampeners, helping reduce noise at high fan speeds, and the edges are replaceable with a few select colors to help match your build aesthetics.

There are 3 types for this series: the ML, ML Pro, and ML Pro LED.  These come with flavors of 120 mm and 140 mm fans, as well as LED lights.  the price ranges from $25-40, depending on model and are available now.