City Shrouded in Shadows forces you to survive a Kaiju attack

If you’ve ever looked at a Kaiju movie and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if these monsters existed?”

If you did, What are you thinking?¬†That sounds like a horrible idea when you consider how much death and destruction they don’t show in these movies. Just to prove this point, the developers of Disaster Report have released a new trailer for their upcoming Survival Horror game (with emphasis on Survival) called A City Shrouded in Shadows, which features this exact premise.

As a human character in world where Kaiju exists, you must survive a major attack from various famous Kaijus who decided to use your city as their personal wrestling ring, which includes but not limited to: Ultramen, Gundam looking robots, a Eva, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Gamera. Players will need to survive scenarios and interact with survivors to get their cast of characters out of the city.

It’s a cool take on the Kaiju movies where the main focus is on the monsters themselves and see the point of view of the people running for their lives, it brings an element of fear that we don’t really get from the movies. It’s currently unknown if the game will see all the monsters in one story of the game or if the game’s story will centre on one monster attack, changing the Kaiju in the process.

Either way, this is definitely one to watch from Japan. No release date or announcement for a North American release, but the game will release later this year in Japan, check out the trailer above.