Cheetah gets her time to shine in a new Injustice 2 trailer

When it comes to DC villains, most heroes’ rogues are usually overshadowed by Batman and Superman gallery that it’s easy to forget that heroes like Wonder Woman has some pretty nasty bad guys to deal with as well. Like the latest Injustice 2 character to get their own trailer, Cheetah.

While Cheetah lore varies from timeline, the most popular being Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist who becomes cursed after a band of marauders kill the original guardian and the tribe protecting the Cheetah powers. The curse has made given Barbara super speed and strength while having a draw back of physical pain while in human form and a bloodthirsty euphoria while in cat form. As a Wonder Woman villain, she mainly fights the hero to get her lasso of truth and but also to help her bruised ego after many defeats.

Cheetah has been announced as a playable character since the Girls Trailer which also confirmed Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Black Canary. While we don’t know her tole in Injustice 2 completely, her fighting style shows a lot of quick claw attacks and special moves that gives her special control over the screen making her look like a character not to be taken lightly when the game launches in May. You can check out the trailer above.