Battlefield Hardline gets a Premium package, 4 DLC packs


The Battlefield series is no stranger to DLC packs, and Battlefield Hardline will not be the exception. EA announced a new Premium packaged, priced at $50 which will feature 4 of the DLC packs as well as some extra perks. Some of the said perks are listed as exclusive masks, additional gun customization including exclusive designs/paint, access to Premium only tournaments, priority positions in server queues and getting the DLC maps 2 weeks early.

The DLC map packs has also been named, giving us some hints at what we can expect in the package as well as an estimated time frame of it’s release.

  • Criminal Activity, releasing in the summer.
  • Robbery, releasing in the summer.
  • Getaway, releasing in the fall.
  • Betrayal, releasing in early winter 2016.

Battlefield Hardline is ready for a March 17th launch on PC, Ps3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The recent open beta of the game had over 7 million players actively testing the upcoming cops and robbers game.