Alien: Isolation Survivor mode DLC part of Season Pass


While we’re keeping an eye on the First Person Run’n’hide survival horror game Alien: Isolation in hopes that we may finally get a good game based on the iconic Horror franchise from 20th Century Fox, it was announced earlier this year that the game will have an additional mode called “Survivor Mode.”

The Concept of Survivor mode is a simple concept, with limited resources, the players must race against the clock to complete objectives while the Alien hunts you down. The first of these maps will be i titled ‘Basement’ and will launch on October 7th with the game.

Sega plans on releasing 5 more DLC packs for the game, with the first to land on October 28th. According to Sega each map pack will include “a new playable character, and a mix of new maps and game modes to challenge even the most proficient player.”

A season pass for all 5 DLC packs has been announced however no price has been set for the Pass or the single DLC, however Sega did mentioned that the pass will give a 25% discount.