AGDQ 2016 Starts January 3rd


One of our favourite bi-annual events is brought to us by the good people of Games Done Quickly starts tomorrow (Jan 3rd) approximately noon eastern time.   This is week-long, nonstop event that features top speedrunners showing off their outrageous skills to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.   If you’re looking to catch a game or event , you can click on the schedule link for dates, times, and who will be featured.

As usual, donations can be attributed to certain events and goals for the speedrunners to reach within games, and also make you legible for raffles during certain blocks for prizes.

Like last year, Adilaris will forward host on twitch and will try to reply if awake. (the primary stream is generally hyper congested for any conversation)

They’ve consistently hit 1.5 million raised, let’s hope they reach the 2 million mark this year!