3 new Persona spin-offs and an anime announced

There is a very good chance that you don’t have enough Persona in your life after completing the highly praised Persona 5 which released earlier this year. In comes Atlus to save the day by announcing 3 new spin-offs to hold us over.

The first of which is a pair of dancing spinoffs in the veins of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which was a surprisingly well done release which brought addicting Dance gameplay in the style of the Project Diva series and included an expanded story event.

The two games are Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. Both are coming to the PS4 and PSVita in spring 2018 in Japan with no current word on a western release. Not much has been said about the games at the moment, but two quick trailers shows off Junpei, Yukari and Aigis from Persona 3 and Joker, Ryuji, Ann and Makoto from Persona 5 grooving to remixed music from their respective games.


The third title that Atlus revealed this week was a sequel to the Persona 3DS mash-up, Persona Q2. There wasn’t much said aside from some quick teaser image, hinting that Q2 will be based in someway on Persona 5. If the game is anything like the previous Persona games, we may see characters from the previous Persona titles mashed into a new adventure with the Phantom Thieves.

On top of all the spin-off announcements, Atlus Japan also confirmed that they will be once again working with A-1 Pictures for a Persona 5 anime.

WHile details about Persona 5: The Animation have been slim, we do know that the series will be handled by the same team as the previous anime from the series “Persona 5: Daybreakers” and that the Japanese voice cast for the game will be making a return. Whether the series will follow the story line of the games like Persona 4: The Animation and the 4 movies based on Persona 3 remains to be seen.

If the previous animes are any sign, The Persona 5 anime will be another great way to bring the story together. Unfortunately at this time, there is no indication on whether the series will be brought to the west at this point.

If that isn’t enough Persona for you, then we also have Persona 4 characters appearing in Blazblue X Tag Battle, which will see Yu (the only confirmed character from Persona 4 Arena so far) take on characters from Blazblue, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY.

Which spin-off are you more excited for if any? Or do you think that Atlus is just milking the franchise? Let us know in the comments!